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Keto Level-Up: Intermittent Fasting

Another big keto buzzword (buzzphrase?) is intermittent fasting. This is where you fast for a certain number of hours in a day. Everyone already does a small fast when you eat dinner at 7pm and do not eat again until breakfast at 6am, so that would be an 11 hour intermittent fast. Many keto experts recommend intermittent fasting as a good way to heal certain underlying conditions and it seems to be a good tool for those who have plateaued. The very, very, very basic premise is no food coming in forces the body to use ketones (which it will get from body fat) and insulin spikes are reduced. Plus, the intermittent part does not give the body time to go into the dreaded starvation-mode that tanks metabolism.

I have been attracted to the idea of intermittent fasting for years. I am in education, so I get about 6 weeks off in the summer. I noticed that on weekends that I was busy or in the summer (especially while traveling), that I would forget to eat until 2pm or so.* I did not gain weight at those times like the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” crowd claimed I would.

*Unless I was bored or overly stressed because I am an emotional eater.

My conundrum came when I was working. How do I do an intermittent fast or even just eat when my body tells me I am hungry when I am at work? Here’s the thing: you all remember being mad at the unfairness of not being able to snack during class or asking permission when you needed to go to the bathroom. Guess what. It is just as frustrating for the teachers. Sure, I can probably get away with having a beverage when kids cannot, but food? No way. Heck, I cannot even ask to the bathroom when I need to. I have to wait for a passing period bell to give me permission. I wanted to try a 16 hour intermittent fast, but I was not sure how to pull it off with my job. I could not wait to eat breakfast at 10 am at my desk and I have developed a close relationship with my BPC.

Finally, after four months I found my solution: Ample K shakes. For the record, I am not being compensated in any way for this review, (but I am willing to be… ;))

I had heard about Ample K on a few podcasts and then the freaky “it just showed up on Facebook” thing occurred, too. One podcast, I had tried some real duds based on their recommendation, so I look at them as ones who will shill anything… but the discount codes can come in handy, so their recommendation did not send me running to order. Then, I heard it recommended on a much more selective podcast, so I decided to give it a shot.


Thank goodness for those discount codes, because this is not a cheap product. I am hoping it will catch on enough that they can mass produce it and the prices can drop or maybe they will make a tub so you measure it out instead of bottling each serving in its own bottle.

I tried with tempered hopes, but I really liked it! It is a powder in a bottle that you add water or a nut milk to, shake, and drink. I drink it with Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk. I swear it tastes like cake batter, which satisfies my sweet tooth without sending me down a spiral of craving real cake.  Perfect! You can even add cold brew or instant crystals to make it a coffee drink. I have never seen a hot version recommended. My guess is one of the benefits of Ample K is its probiotics and many probiotics cannot handle heat or maybe the plastic bottle it comes in is the problem. I have not seen an explanation, so I am merely speculating.  I did try it with water a week in and it was fine, but my palette’s tolerance for this version has been ruined since I started out with the good stuff.


So now I had a satisfying beverage that could be coffee-fied as needed. For the last two weeks during workdays I have been skipping breakfast and my BPC and waiting until around 10am to have a shake. Then I eat lunch, have my BPC right when I get home,  and eat dinner before 6pm to create a 16 hour intermittent fast. The early dinner does not bother me. I have always been on the Senior Citizen Early Birds Special schedule for dinner, plus snacking is one fo the few bad food habits I never developed. I may need to consider switching to decaf for the later BPC, but I have always had trouble sleeping so I cannot say for sure caffeine is my current problem.

The verdict: hopeful.

I have been losing and gaining the same three pounds all year, but I have gone down five pounds so far in two weeks with none of the regular upswings.

Sorry I cannot tell you it has been the miracle cure and I dropped 20 pounds the first week (I hate those stories,) but the scale is finally going down consistently and I was confronted twice with the scenario that I normally “cheat” and I was fine.

It feels like I have turned a major corner.