Non-Scale Victory

Keto is something that if you get into more than just superficially you hear the mantra, “This isn’t a diet, it’s a ‘Way of Living’.”  Many people will refer to keto as a WOE (way of eating) to avoid using the word diet.  It is a big mind shift for most of us. A diet is something we enter with an end in mind. A goal weight usually. Of course, if you reach the goal weight, for most of us it comes back. Keto however, is not just a way to loss weight, it is presented as a way to heal the body of a lifetime of sugar/carb damage. For many of us, the damage is extensive enough that keto needs time to heal other things before weight loss can occur.  Unfortunately, for me, I am one of those people.

This means I am one of those people who has to stay motivated with non-scale victories while I wait for my body to get around to the weight loss part. So far, my blood pressure has gone down, my cholesterol’s HDL/LDL ratio is great, my triglycerides are on point, and my resting blood sugar has gone under 100. Great victories. Important victories. But…

I don’t consider myself I particularly vain person, but I really want some scale victories.  Not yet, but I did get one that was a nice ego boost. A victory I can finally see. A victory that is not just numbers I do not understand. A victory that does not involve bleeding!

Are you ready for this?

I found, not one, but two swimming suits I like!

Not two that were good enough, not two that will do, two that I liked how they look on me! Two that I had to make a hard choice on which one to keep.  I have rarely been able to manage to find one. Two is just unbelievable.

It was an amazing feeling and a non-scale victory that feels like a victory!