Some People Have to Learn the Hard Way

Dear readers, I have not forgotten you. I have not abandoned the Keto WOE. I have just been living a country song the last few weeks and something had to give and that something was keeping up with the blog.

But. also like a country song, I have to admit that I cheated.

Now, don’t get carried away and think I had a weeks long affair with carbs, it was only a weekend fling.

Here’s what happened. I have been experiencing stress on top of stress on top of stress. My normal schedule is a full-time job plus a 20 hour a week part-time job. This week I also had three evenings of 1 ½-2 hour long meetings and a third side gig that lasted Friday 4pm-11pm and all of Saturday. Meals were provided for the third job and after the week I had had, I did not have the time or fortitude to provide my own food (plus, it was a sporting event at an arena and they are hardcore about no outside food.) I was exhausted from the week, so giving fasting a try was out. I thought I would just do the best I could with what was provided.

What was provided was carbs covered in carbs, with a helping of carbs, and a side of carbs with carbs to drink and of course carbs for dessert. Some meals I tried to stay on plan harder than others, like I had the teriyaki chicken and the pulled pork without buns, but they were covered in sugary sauces. Another meal was spaghetti and breadsticks, and I did not resist the siren call of garlicky breadsticks.  I never partook of the mixing bowl full of M&M’s, but a peppermint patty was consumed.  It was a weekend of temptations and I had many defeats.

That was a few days ago and my body is still punishing me for it.

One of the ways I have dealt with keto is by keeping in the back of my mind that I can have some cheat days. I am not talking about once a week like some diets, I was considering more along the lines of my birthday, Easter, and Christmas, then maybe when I have Girls Weekend with my two besties (but that’s more of an alcohol cheat.) I found it easier not to feel deprived if I was not approaching this as giving up pizza and dessert FOREVER. Forever is just too big of a word.

So, I took an unexpected cheat weekend and… IT SUCKED.

My belly felt like I had filled it with cement all weekend. It was just heavy and bloated, and that feeling is still making its way through my digestive tract and that is as much detail as you want to know.

I hear this differs with people, but keto was helping my sleep and this weekend that was out the window. I am having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep again. I am sure this lack of sleep is not helping my stress levels or my chances of getting back into ketosis anytime soon. My energy level is non-existent and even BPC cannot help!

The best I can say is that it has been a learning experience. One of those learned the hard way learning experiences. Like any fling, it was fun at the time, but has only left me with regrets and a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.



A Mystery is Afoot…Too Bad I Don’t Like Mysteries

I am a reader. My favorite term for the kind of reader I am is Book Slut.  I will read almost anything. Reading has shaped my life and career, but the genre that never did it for me is mystery and I find myself in the middle of one.

I have been doing strict keto for over three weeks now and the scale has not moved, the inches have stayed put, and the clothes still fit the same.  So the mystery is what else is going on?

My list of suspects is long. Food sensitivities? Leaky gut? Insulin resistance? Eating too much? Eating too little? Exercising too much? (OK, I can safely eliminate that one.) Stress?  Too much protein? Some of these? All of these? Something else entirely?

My top suspect is stress. I work two jobs which comes to a minimum of 60 hours a week. I work two jobs because of a major home repair that could not wait and has caused a huge financial strain. My beloved dog is sick and the vet cannot figure it out, so I am worried about her and spent money I already did not have on multiple vet bills. So, my stress is caused by things out of my control and cannot be scaled back, so how do I reduce it?  Seriously. How?  This is not a rhetorical question.  Even with all this stress, I suspect it has a partner in my weight loss woes.  But what could it be?

My first step is I suppose I should find a naturopath or functional medicine doctor.  I have a very traditional doctor. She once told me I would just be on Aleve the rest of my life for an elbow injury.  Instead I went to a chiropractor and he set me straight medication-free.  I am a very logical person, so I have had a few things make it difficult for me when I have made tentative attempts to find one.  First off, I live in the Midwest in a deep Red state. This is not exactly a hub of holistic healing.  Vegetarians are rare, vegans are non-existent. I have never heard anyone around here talk about paleo and definitely not keto. Jimmy Moore has a list of keto friendly doctors (currently under reconstruction) and the closest on his list was two hours away.

My few attempts at Googling have netted sparse pickins’. I am not New Age-y at all. I am practical and logical, which is why keto appeals to me.  I have always thought nutrition was the key to good health (I’m not saying I never ignored this obvious revelation, but I intuitively understood eat well, feel well.) So the nutrition focus of the few naturopaths or functional medicine doctor websites I have found is a plus. My concerns were more about they usually had either a vegetarian/vegan only path sprinkled with healing crystals and moonbeams or were all supplements, supplements, supplements that conveniently can only be purchased at that office.

So with the moonbeams and crystal crowd, I am just not confident I can get them aboard the keto train and the whole point of going to them is to have nutritional support. Plus, I don’t think it would be good for my eye health if I am rolling them the whole time I am there.

Now I have nothing against supplements…in moderation. I think they are fine and I take some. I take fish oil because I do not like seafood in general. (I literally had corn/soybean fields on every side of my house growing up, so seafood was not a taste I developed.) I take vitamin D because I just don’t get enough sun. I take those because I will not get those nutrients from food. Another reason I was attracted to keto was its emphasis on real, whole foods. It appeals to the scientific argument that resonated with me that eating this way was how we evolved to where we are today. So the idea of going to a doctor whose main goal seems to be pushing his product line isn’t doing it for me. If I wanted to fix my problems by popping pills, then I could stick with eating pizza and ice cream and get a box of prescriptions from a traditional doctor.

Then, of course, is the question of health insurance. I have pretty decent insurance, so I want to be able to use it. Not taking insurance or possibly even being eligible is also a problem I ran into as I peeked at the possibility of finding a holistic practitioner.

So I have my mystery and an idea of who I need to find to help me, but I am going to have to make a deep dive to find one.

On the bright side, I guess this means I will have plenty of topics to write about for a while.

Ugh. #TerribleSilverLinings