New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions: a new year, new me? An exercise in futility? We will see.

Based on this blog, you have probably figured out that my resolution this year is to go keto.  I am not entirely new to the low carb lifestyle, but I have had problems staying on the wagon. As a matter of fact, I like to say I don’t just fall off the wagon; I dive under the wheels. My sweet tooth is out of control and every time I need to reset after a “fall” I do this fun thing of binging for the “last time” on all my favorite foods like pizza, ice cream, and pasta. It is a self-destructive habit that I need to break for good before I damage my health beyond repair. Based on the hours of podcasts I have listened to, documentaries I have watched, and books and blogs I have read; keto sounds like the logical way to go. I have had decades of low fat not working. The 80-ish pounds I have to lose, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and low energy are testament to that.  Maybe you are thinking, “Hey, maybe you just need to exercise more?” Granted, I will concede you that my exercise regime needs work, but when I have exercised religiously and followed a low fat diet I have not lost weight. It is not as simple as calories in, calories out.  Some say keto is too hard to do forever and I am proof that it can be hard to stick to, but being diabetic looks a hellva lot harder to me and with keto I still get bacon.

So here’s a little of my background: I am a middle aged woman who lives in a large for the Midwest city. I grew up near a small town with literally a corn/soybean field on all four sides of our house. All to say that I am not in a keto-friendly area. Corn, soy, and gluten are everywhere and it is hard to escape. That has been my biggest challenge with sticking to keto. This is for sure a mono-crop kingdom that has embraced the SAD (Standard American Diet) wholeheartedly and the false narrative of fat makes you fat has not lost any believers.

As this blog goes along, I plan on sharing what I have learned, what I am struggling with, simple recipes that I know work, weird and wonderful keto-friendly products I have found, and other ketogenic gems. This is all to help me keep accountable to myself for my health and maybe I can drag a few others along with me or we can catch each other before we fall of the wagon.

That is a very short preview of where I am coming from and where I want to go. I hope you will come along for the ride. Please like and share this blog so we can spread the word about how keto can help and heal.

Happy New Years and here’s to health!


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